Her Hair Was Long Like When We Were Dating // Daily Short Picks

Her Hair Was Long, Like When We Were Together

After their apartment is robbed, a couple discover a futuristic spray that reveals what missing items have been stolen. Blinded by curiosity, the couple decide to use the spray on themselves to discover what the other is still missing…

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Ghost in The Shell // Featured Short Film

Give Up The Ghost

Bonnie and Clyde in dystopia. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ visualises a cold near-future cityscape, set against the brutalist, concrete architecture of South East London. The four minute short film, shot on super 16mm and scored by London band Imperial Daze, depicts the story of a fugitive couple on the run[…]

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Come Down // Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Come Down

A Sci Fi VFX Short Film set in a dystopian future fuelled by amphetamines and constant trance music. COME DOWN is a dystopian Sci Fi short film set in a futuristic city constantly consumed by rave music. Everyday life is a monotonous, never ending bender. The streets covered with thumping[…]

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Cargo | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage


In a futuristic post-war dead zone, a Young Woman must survive her first smuggling mission with the help of her Father. Their assignment: to secretly transport cases of valuable cargo into the heavily guarded and oppressive Police State. Their expedition is dangerous, tense, and primal, but this cargo must reach[…]

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The Nostalgist | Featured Short Film

The Nostalgist

A father and son live in an idyllic future, but reality is not quite what it seems. The Nostalgist a marvelous science-fiction short film created by Giacomo Cimini and based on a story by NY Times best-selling author Daniel H. Wilson. In the futuristic city of Vanille, with properly tuned[…]

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Uncanny Valley | Featured Short Film

Uncanny Valley

In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. You might remember 3Dar from from the brilliantly colorful short animation ‘Shave It‘ back in 2013. They’ve come[…]

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Franky Fingers and The Apartment Upstairs

Franky Fingers & The Apartment Upstairs

The film is a gritty futuristic science-fiction story about Franky, a brute, who’s trying to escape the confines of the concrete jungle, and his violent history. However his employers have other plans for him. facebook.com/frankyfingersthemovie francisleigh.com instagram.com/francis_leigh

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