The First Hit || Short Trailer

The First Hit

Two moonlighting hitmen meet their first client in unusual circumstances.

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Meat || Films de chez nous


A teenage boy experiences heartbreak for the first time. Meat is wonderfully toned and temporally shot film. A great structure and character balance with an interesting development on a character that turns out even stranger than believed. We were very lucky with all the meat that was collected by art[…]

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The Beginning | Daily Short Picks

The Journal Thief

A misguided director seeking real, authentic stories meets a young woman who uses her dark truth to manipulate his feelings towards her. This is an experimental film, a combination of short, documentary style videos and writing, much like a series of journal entries. Due to the nature of the layout,[…]

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Second Love | Daily Short Picks

Second Love

You never forget your first… As a teenager embarks on her journey into womanhood, her controlling father’s world begins to unravel; slowly revealing a horrifying truth that could destroy them both.

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Do you have any upcoming short film projects in the works? We want to help you with the premiere release of your short film! Due to our numerous submissions, we already have numerous films lined up to be featured, the waiting time from submission to feature can go up to[…]

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