The Situation // Daily Short Pick

The Situation

A woman seeking retribution confides in a local bartender but soon finds that fate and sin often cast a long shadow. Director’s Statement THE SITUATION is a psychological drama with a film-noir twist, the films underpinnings centers around the cyclical nature of the quest for vengeance that all too often[…]

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Chalk // Crowdfunding Campaign We Dig


A short comedic film noir about a washed up detective looking for clarity in a world full of corruption, murder, and chalk. This film explores the cost of self-preservation. Set among a fictional backdrop, a city of chalk slowly being replaced by dry-erase, we explore the affect gentrification has on[…]

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Bobby's Run Off || Daily Short Picks

Bobby’s Run Off

Grace searches for her abusive, brother-in-law after he fails to come home one evening. The deeper she digs into the town she left behind the more she learns that everyone has secrets. Inspired by Country Western music and the structural storytelling of a Film Noir, Bobby’s Run Off is a[…]

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Giuseppe Paconne is a gangster from New York chased by the Police, who is unable to implicate him with the crimes he has been comitting. Tired of this, four detectives decide to make a plan to end with Paconne’s empire. Meanwhile, Benelli family -Paconne’s enemies- hire the fearsome contract killer[…]

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Blue Borsalino | Short Trailer

Blue Borsalino

Blue Borsalino is a short film noir Starring David Warner (Titanic, The Omen) and Margot Leicester. When his first and only client wakes from a coma, a retired private investigator reveals a secret that has cast a shadow over his life for close to fifty years.

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Good Kids

Good Kids follows a stoned father (played by Vince Tula) and his emotionally depraved wife (played by Angela Ray Clark) as they get high and reminisce about the “good old days.” ‘Good Kids’ is a ‘psychedelic film-noir’ that provides a glimpse into the mind of a stoner, as he recalls[…]

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Le Chant du Cygne

S’estimant proche de la mort, un homme nous confie ses dernières pensées. Ce qui m’a conduit à écrire “Le Chant du Cygne”, était ma motivation à raconter l’histoire d’un tueur à gage solitaire qui vivait ses derniers instants car j’avais envie de m’essayer à la réalisation d’un film noir (polar).[…]

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