Damage Control // Featured Short Film

Damage Control

While surprising his fiancé with a newly inherited property, a man is forced by a mysterious woman to confront his past behavior. Damage Control is a seldomly paced film with some wonderful little developments, in a contained, yet contingent situation. As we are lured in by the subtle tone, and[…]

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Cerrillos Road // Trailer

Cerrillos Road

On their road to solve the mystery of Sarah’s disappearance, her best friend Lori and her fiancée Phil, discover their feelings for each other.

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Capsized || Daily Short Picks


Using only a cell phone, a young bride-to-be must find a way to save her fiancé from drowning in a cargo hold of a capsized cruise ship. Stephanie, a lovely bride-to-be looking forward to the fast approaching wedding to her long-time boyfriend Alex, basks in the excitement of trying on[…]

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Rumble In The Valley || Daily Short Picks

Rumble in The Valley

After suffering a beating at the hands of his fiance’s maniacal ex-lover, Jeff Decker visits former high school acquaintance and seedy valley fixer, Porter, to settle the score once and for all.

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Wedding Dance | Daily Short Picks

Wedding Dance

A clumsy ‘groom-to-be’ wants to impress his fiancé by learning a dance that she wants to perform at their wedding reception, but the pushy choreographer pushes a little too hard.

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Companion | Daily Short Picks


Jody sets out on a dangerous wilderness adventure in order to connect with her fiancee who died hiking the very same trail. COMPANION is a gritty, vérité look at the struggle and determination of a woman unprepared for the journey ahead of her. All set amongst the gorgeous – if[…]

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Zoe suddenly vanishes off the grid and out of her fiancée Marie’s life, leaving behind one cryptic message via post-it note. Marie searches for answers across social media channels and soon becomes obsessed with discovering the real meaning behind every tweet, email, text, and online profile that is associated with[…]

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Withdrawn from the sentient world, a disturbed woman’s fiendish subconscious presents her with a choice to accept or refute the truth surrounding the brutal murder of her fiancé years prior. ULLA is a haunting tale of inner demons, paranoia and repression.

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