Kin: A Big Film that Started Short

KIN: A Big Film That Started Short

With big creative producers that have brought shows and films like ‘Stranger Things‘ and ‘Arrival‘ involved, KIN certainly aspires for an intriguing and twisting storyline.   While scavenging for copper wire, Detroit teenager Eli Solinski stumbles upon a high-tech gun that holds special powers. When his brother, Jimmy, lands in trouble[…]

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Swamp Killer // Short Film Trailer

swamp Killer: A Grindhouse Trailer

A grindhouse film crew shooting in the Florida swamps pisses off of a murderous drug lord, and their only hope of survival rests with the bloodthirsty swamp creature that’s in love with their leading lady.

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | R'ha

R’ha (Feature Film)

R’ha (a.k.a. “Alienz vs Machine”) is on the verge of production. Help us fund the original science-fiction epic! Watch the original short film featured on Film Shortage! Shortly after its release, the R’ha short film garnered over 20 million views worldwide and quickly attracted the attention of major film studios[…]

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Prey: The Light in the Dark

Prey: The Light in the Dark, was set to give fans a first hand look at the character and subsequent series which premiered at last year’s New York Comic Con. Tyler Mane, best known for playing Sabertooth in the first X-Men, stars as the title character of Prey. A character[…]

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To Love Somebody | Short Film Trailer

To Love Somebody

In ‘To Love Somebody’, two couples, who have been close friends for years, face several traumas out of their control. The one couple, Meryl and Mike, are recovering from their son’s death and their inability to communicate. The second couple, Joanna and Tim, are trying to conceive their first child,[…]

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