Backstory // Featured Short Film


A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone. When looking at films we always search for the deep backboned storylines that support solid cinematography and other production values. In Joschka Laukeninks’ little masterpiece, the entire story is[…]

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Moments | Abby & Adam

Regret changes everything. A young woman wakes in the night to find something unexpected in her yard. The first in a series of shorts called “Moments”, that tell the stories of the fleeting but significant moments that people experience.

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Toilet Paper | Featured Short Film

Toilet Paper

A man decides Toilet Paper is the answer. The answer to what? Everything. Everyone knows that deep down, toilet paper is the answer to EVERYTHING. No, wait. This is completely absurd. But this is exactly what Chad and his brother Keith Thompson set out to do with Toilet Paper: A[…]

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