Man's Best Friend // Daily Short Pick

Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend is the story of a lonely software engineer named Martin, who lives life through his smartphone. That is, until a rebellious dog walker disrupts his pattern of avoidance. It poses the question: is “app culture” really making life convenient or is it making us passive and alone?[…]

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Night Walk // Daily Short Picks

Night Walk

A software engineer is experiencing psychological distress as his relationship falls apart. – Un génie logiciel éprouve une détresse psychologique alors que sa relation s’effondre.

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What If Wendy || Daily Short Picks

What If Wendy

WHAT IF WENDY takes place in a near future in which genetic engineering is the norm for couples looking to have a child. DR. MARA STEVENS, a case manager for a genetic engineering firm, leads an isolated, meticulous existence consumed by work and little else. But as her deceased daughter’s[…]

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Vermillion || Daily Short Picks


Our world has come to this. Energy has become a luxury. An aging engineer and a young idealist must secret a new invention across a desert, but it’s volatile, both chemically and politically, and their ideologies and hidden agendas clash at a time when failing to cooperate could be deadly.

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124: New Beginnings

We follow a bio-engineered worker by the name 124. A new species created by the mega-corporation G.I.T. As opportunity strikes, he tries something no one has succeeded with before, escape. A movie about freedom, courage and taking chances! • •

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In the not-too-distant future a team of engineers successfully build two of the worlds first androids programmed to “love” each other. After a simulation goes wrong, the two automatons make a desperate flight for freedom as they try to escape the facility they are kept in. RECALL is a 20[…]

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