Hangman || Short Trailer


Nicholas hasn’t taken his medication… A new Horror Short Film by ArtisTree and Little Ghost Films

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The Passage || Daily Short Picks

The Passage

A young man named Michael experiences nightmarish visions amidst his personal journey to hell.

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“Chromaticity” – The quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength and its purity. An ethereal flight over the ocean as mysterious colored smoke leaves its mark across the sky. A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight and hundreds of smoke grenades. Watch the behind the[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Homeostasis


In a world oppressed by fear and consumerism, a young boy attempts to reclaim the memory of his parents’ affection. twitter.com/beatlanorme

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Four Thousand Mile Stare

Four Thousand Mile Stare is a shortfilm project about the struggles of a drone operator who can’t deal with the pictures he has to see every day. 4000milestare.com facebook.com/4000milestare

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From The Sky

From the Sky is a story about a father and son struggling to cope with the effect of drones in the Middle East. Drawing inspiration from the films of Werner Herzog and Peter Weir, ‘From the Sky’ tells a minimalist story in an atmosphere that balances eerie tension with ethereal[…]

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AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

Your GoPro Drone can now follow you!

When GoPro cameras came along they made extreme video recording possible for almost any amateur, to the highest delights of surfers, skiers and skydivers. But semi-pro filmmakers also began drooling, and invested in GoPro cameras for their extreme shots. See music video Bad Motherfucker Things became even more extreme when[…]

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Shifter | Featured Short Film


Los Angeles – 2023. James Striker is on the verge of bringing down the oppressive government that has crushed all freedom in the United States. Shifter is perhaps a higher than usual budget short, but still on a tight one considering the content created by the Hallivis brothers. Despite some[…]

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From The Sky | Short Film Trailer

From The Sky

Hakeem and his son Abbas live in poverty. They also live in a region frequently targeted by drone strikes. Camp is set for the night; a pause in the middle of a journey to make a crucial sale. During their humble meal, Abbas struggles to manage his Post Traumatic Stress[…]

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Drone Strike | Short Film Trailer

Drone Strike

A day in the life of a devoted father and serving RAF drone pilot – juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing Hellfire missiles 4000 miles away in Afghanistan – and how one fateful decision shatters his conviction. drone-strike.com

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