I Got This // Featured Short

I Got This

A young couple secretly try to get DNA samples from three men who could be the father of her daughter — who he’s been helping to raise, thinking she was his Every romantic comedic holds its share of drama, but ‘I Got This’ can almost be labelled as a dark[…]

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Coffee, God and Gasoline || Daily Short Picks

Coffee, God and Gasoline

A man obsessed with following his life plan has decided it’s time to choose between falling in love or following the plan. Starring Joe Pistone (Mad Men, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf).

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Two estranged siblings must come together one weekend to go through their late father’s apartment in this humorous and touching dramedy.

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Ringtone | Daily Short Picks


RinGtone is a comedy drama set in 1999 where the nokia 3210 is king! This is a funny nostalgic look back at youth where eighteen year old Jack is in his first dead-end job and striving to be something special and fit in. He happens to find his skill in[…]

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Online Premiere | Fuck Buddies

Fuck Buddies

Stripped to its core, FUCK BUDDIES is about two formerly platonic friends who don’t know how to deal with their new-found intimate relationship up against the sexual climate experienced by young people today. This is manifested as an otherworldly force possessing them to copulate. As their story of messy emotions[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

‘Cotton Candy’ is a bitter-sweet come-drama about Marcel. A walk through the park becomes a series of strange encounters with his ex-girlfriends. Can those circumstances change his attitude towards his present relationship? Marcel will soon understand that not everything around him is real. facebook.com/cottoncandyshortfilm

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Devil's Horse

Devil’s Horse

DEVIL’S HORSE is a dark dramatic comedy about Brad. Newly single, Brad finds himself back in his Louisiana hometown. The alienation from his roots and his clumsy attempt to cling to the past come to a head when, on a sweltering afternoon drive, Brad literally runs into a Louisiana myth[…]

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A Good Fish | Featured Short Film

A Good Fish

Left with nothing by their recently deceased father, two aimless brothers head home to face his funeral. It all continues from Nick Payne Santos (previously featured) short ‘Ice Cream‘, well sort of. The films are actually very different from each other, but ‘A Good Fish’ does feature the two brothers[…]

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Relics | Featured Short Film


A salesman who tries to sell his miraculous cleaning machine to a sick woman and her skeptical daughter, on the day that the woman asked her daughter to help her end her own life. ‘Relics’ is a film that will take you though several extremes while magnificently switching between comedy[…]

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Dinner and a Movie | Featured Short Film

Dinner and a Movie

Lovestruck Randy is thrilled when his prison pen pal Crystal is finally released and they can meet in person, but is woefully unprepared for the hard truths she brings along with her to their date… Oh how we love well written stories. ‘Dinner and a Movie’ might not have mind-blowing[…]

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