Dave // Featured Short Film


Detective James Reinhardt and Samantha Trace arrive on the scene regarding the puzzling death of Reinhardt’s brother, Dave. The investigation leads to results that may just in fact haunt them for the rest of their lives. DAVE is a proof of concept short by director Shawn Lebert, about Detective James[…]

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RPG || Featured Short Film


Six friends meet up for their usual D&D game. Someone dies, someone falls in love, the others keep playing… What starts off as a usual D&D game between friends, slowly sinks into a weird parable that the game can have on surrounding relationships. Written and directed by Sadie Rodgers, who[…]

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The Dragon's Blade | Featured Short Film

The Dragon’s Blade

A samurai embarks on a journey of blood soaked revenge to save his beloved. It all sounds familiar, an angered Caucasian samurai embarks on a rampage journey of blood soaked revenge to save his beloved. In fact, we can clearly see the source of inspiration in Paul Nicoletos‘ film with[…]

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Ara's Tale

Ara’s Tale

A young girl has to face her destiny in a dark world. The path leads her to her ultimate destination.

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