God's Kingdom // Featured Short


Jack and Ella travel alone, taking the path less trodden. Dishevelled and dirty they keep away from people, towns and cities, off the grid. They are hiding and on the run, but from what and why? Guy Soulsby has got us used to some fantastic production values in his rather[…]

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Rhythm of My Drum || Short Trailer

The Big Dirty – Rhythm of My Drum

New Teaser! A bank job…a strip club…and a whole lot of crazy. A music video with a story to tell, it’s big, it’s dirty and it’s going to be epic. After a successful bank robbery the big dirty have made their way to the ‘big dirty Strip club’ to hideout.[…]

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Dirty Laundry

A Congressman gets caught in a compromising position and a mysterious fixer is brought in to set him straight. facebook.com/jempicturesllc twitter.com/jessicaemartin

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Derrière la lune

Behind The Moon Daniel, a dirty cop, is obsessed with a strange story that he has discovered in a pocket book. Its author, Ludo, says that Death itself is hiding on the moon. While disturbing events begin to occur, Daniel sinks slowly into madness. What if it was true ?[…]

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Dirty Sheets

A couple goes to a motel to make a sex tape, but they soon find themselves questioning the strength of their relationship as they discuss the possibility of their film leaking. This could very well be the most heartbreaking moment of their lives together and, due to the circumstances, they[…]

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Trusts & Estates

Trusts & Estates is a hand-drawn animated documentary satire adapted from a conversation overheard in a Santa Monica restaurant in 2011. Four lawyers engage in a bantering dinner conversation that quickly devolves into a grotesque and brutal comedy of cruelty and hypocrisy. This film is not for the faint-hearted. Read[…]

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