Daniel Munro || Short Film Trailer

Daniel Munro

One man’s journey of becoming the man he was intended to be, after his car breaks down in the desert and is forced to spend the weekend with a mysterious, wise old gentleman.

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The Way Out: Wedding | Daily Short Picks

The Way Out: Wedding

After my wife and I were engaged, we decided to elope. We then asked our creative director if he could turn our wedding into an adventure film. What ensued was four days of stunts and hurdles across the Moab desert, culminating in my wife flying into Mineral Bottom Canyon on[…]

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A, Deadman | Daily Short Picks

A, Deadman

A man finds himself lost, wounded and alone in a desert landscape. Stalked by an eerie presence, he slowly starts to lose touch with reality as he draws closer to death.

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The Useless Sea | Daily Short Picks

The Useless Sea

The Salton Sea – California’s largest body of water, and a tragic mistake. Tucked away deep in the Southern Californian desert, the Salton Sea is quite a peculiar place in desperate need of relief to assure the survival of its fragile ecosystem. “The Useless Sea” takes viewers on a cinematic[…]

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A Desert Sonata | Short Film Trailer

A Desert Sonata

She was his soul mate. But she belonged to another man. A man who would kill to keep her.

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Wire Cutters | Featured Short Film

Wire Cutters

A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet. Wire Cutters is a sci-fi fable about competition and greed. The film introduces a lovable rover character that is a charming mix between Opportunity and Wall.E, or perhaps a predecessor in between. Created by animator Jack Anders[…]

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The Brink

Two stranded survivors clash as they unravel the truth of what has led them to the brink. juveeproductions.com/the-brink facebook.com/thebrinkshortfilm twitter.com/thebrinkshort

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The Skull – Treasure of Montezuma Trailer 2

The Skull is a film that tells the story of David and Jess getting in possession of a Golden Skull on their road trip through Nevada. An accident will change their destination to the hunted treasure of Montezuma. The golden Aztec Skull will guide them to the secret cave. facebook.com/TheSkull2015

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Four friends build a jet-powered craft to teleport across the universe. It’s when they succeed, their problems begin. travelerfilm.com simonbrowndirector.com facebook.com/travelerfilm twitter.com/simondebrun

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Daily Short Picks | The Color of Sight

The Color of Sight

The Color of Sight explores visual perception. MattKleiner.com instagram.com/matt_kleiner_ BrittanyElizabethWilliams.com instagram.com/brittanyelizw JustinKleiner.com

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