Life of Machine // Daily Short Picks

Life Of Machine

Hank is a simple, henpecked robot whose curiosity is piqued when he finds an old surfing manual in a dumpster on the way to his 9-5 factory job. It is hard to imagine anyone less impressed by this than his wife, Gracie. It’s a typical, urban-beach-town-inhabited-by-robots marriage.

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Cat Box // Daily Short Pick


A cat sitter’s curiosity gets the better of him when he discovers a series of keys that unlock a series of mysteries like a Russian doll.

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Too Young For a Memoir // Daily Short Picks

Too Young for a Memoir

A man plunges into his reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret. But he finds love there, and curiosity, and earnest dedication to personal expression. Stitched together with layered ink drawings, paintings, paper cutouts, collage and digital manipulation, Too Young for a Memoir lays bare the artist’s halting, anxious, misguided and[…]

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Her Hair Was Long Like When We Were Dating // Daily Short Picks

Her Hair Was Long, Like When We Were Together

After their apartment is robbed, a couple discover a futuristic spray that reveals what missing items have been stolen. Blinded by curiosity, the couple decide to use the spray on themselves to discover what the other is still missing…

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Shy of Midnight // Daily Short Picks

Shy Of Midnight

The neon lights are humming as sentiments of love lost and dashed hopes flow from the juke box at a diner in small-town, anywhere America. As closing time approaches, a mysterious man remains in one of the diner booths. This peaks the interest of a spunky waitress named Shelly, whose[…]

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Common Structure // Daily Short Picks

Common Structure

With a possible singularity on the horizon, two friends bound by curiosity and companionship embark on a dangerous journey towards its alluring core. Surreal and impulsive; their journey is tested by their changing priorities. When one challenges the other, we begin to realize that their reality may not be exactly[…]

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Golden Gates // Daily Short Picks

Golden Gates

Golden Gates is a one shot, slow motion music video for Australian band, Sundown Jury. It shows the surreal moments of a young girl’s dream, and as she dances her way along the path laid out before her, the surrounding world changes, guiding us through an abstract story that explores[…]

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Rhino Full Throttle | Featured Short Film

Nashorn im Galopp (Rhino Full Throttle)

Bruno is making his way through the city searching for its soul. ‘Rhino Full Throttle’ is a bizarre film about the soul of a city, Berlin. Erik Schmitt, director of the film, uses a unique style for its highly romantic yet funny story, a mixture of Stop Motion, plays with[…]

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A foolhardy security guard has the night from Hell when his curiosity sends him investigating what goes on… Downstairs.

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