Operator || Featured Short Film

Operator. Episode 2

A stopmotion webseries about an evil corporation that enslaves its workers by releasing a plague of bio-mechanical parasites. Being avid fans of stop motion animation, we are fully aware of the efforts needed to create a fluid progressive film in cohesion with the storyline. Operator is almost a serious parody[…]

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Rin || Short Trailer


Rin is the fruit of experimental research made by S-45, a private security corporation creating enhanced human soldiers…But she was rejected for better and more effective subject. They Will try to get rid of her but she escaped…and need to survive and and hide from S-45 …But She will meet[…]

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The Present | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

The Present

A frustrated young man becomes hypnotized by a meditation informercial and embarks on a surreal adventure into his subconscious. SkyCorp® welcomes you to our Kickstarter page. We are a Corporation dedicated to bringing you high-quality home video entertainment! “The Present” is a psycho-comedy written and directed by Richard Rogers. It’s[…]

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The Art of Human Salvation | Featured Short Film

The Art of Human Salvage

Who will save this 10 year old boy from execution? ‘The Art of Human Salvage’ is a steam-punk science fiction short film that takes places in the nearby future, and where ‘The Corporation’ has replaced the government. Free expression is a serious crime, enforced by brutal secret police called Slingers,[…]

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A M • N

A M • N is a conceptual short film. The purpose of the project is to bring the viewer through a series of experiments made by a fictional corporation, the A M • N CORP who controls paranormal phenomena through technology. linkedin.com/in/gianmarioortu it.linkedin.com/in/valeriadigabriele it.linkedin.com/in/robertoortu

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