Winston || Featured Short Film


A psychological tale about a man (Winston) falling into his own hell, by his own means. We often get the impression that animation films are only directed toward children, but every so often a visionary artist likes to prove us otherwise. Like we’ve seen in the past with shorts such[…]

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Neither Shadow for Turning || Featured Short Film

Neither Shadow of Turning

​ Isolated deep in the woods during the worst winter on record, Conrad and Anna grasp tightly to hope when she falls ill with pneumonia. A film about love, determination and madness. In the deep northern woods of Vermont, we are set in a subdued tone where an isolated couple[…]

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Buckeye || Daily Short Picks


A crafty homeless man changes his life for the better when he decides he’s had enough of the New York City Cold.

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Frostbite || Daily Short Picks


Two brothers are on a hunting trip in the vast snowy wilderness of Northern Norway. One night the big brother disappears and the little brother is left alone to find him.

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Sometimes it Rains

Sometimes It Rains

A small room. Its very hot and very cold. Very bright and very dark. Strange noises and voices echo without warning. He’s trapped. ‘Sometimes it Rains’ is a short experimental piece about the place many of us find ourselves trapped in, and what it takes to finally be free.

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To Build a Fire | Featured Short Film

To Build a Fire

A man finds himself confronted with his own mortality and his inability to force Nature’s hand, for which he has to pay a great price. To Build a Fire is a fully 2D animated short film made as a graduation project by Olivier Vanden Bussche at the RITS School of[…]

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Les adieux de la Grise | Featured Short Film | Films de chez nous

Les adieux de la Grise – A Shade of Grey

A peaceful life on a family farm. A cold, clear winter day. Nine-year-old Noémy is about to leave the carefree world of childhood behind. A Shade of Grey (Far away from Fifty Shades of Grey), brings us to the peaceful but very true lifestyle on a family farm. Created by[…]

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Filth | Short Film Trailer


KIR Two homeless guys, two beggars. They go an ATM box to prevent themselves from cold and spend the cold night in there. Then one of the customers of the bank comes to the ATM and gets some cash but he forgets his ATM Card there. Then our story begins[…]

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The I Hate Christmas Christmas Special | Films de chez nous

The I Hate Christmas Christmas Special

I Hate Christmas is an urban fairy tale about two broken hearts facing their darkest hour at the time of year when the expectation of joy is most permanent. John’s delicate life is shattered when he receives a Dear John text message from the love of his life. In the[…]

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We Were Awesome

Childhood friends, Adam and James, are both back in town for Thanksgiving. After a long night drinking with their hometown crew, the estranged friends decide to hike up the hill where they used to hang out in time past. In the cold of night, they catch up, reminisce, and wait[…]

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