Cup of Coffee || Daily Short Picks

Cup of Coffee

An old blind man is on his way to a cafe to get his morning cup of coffee. Can he foresee what’s going to happen? No..

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Coffee Chains || Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Coffee Chains

Coffee Chains is a 10m Drama which is both motivational and comedic. Starring Megan Tremethick and Rory Wilton (Poldark, Doc Martin). Becky endures another mundane shift at the Coffee Shop until a series of customers force her to contemplate ditching the job forever. The film attempts to address the feelings[…]

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The Arrival || Featured Short Film

The Arrival

Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe. The movie was produced by Zen Design Studios and inspired by a documentary All About Mothers Inspired by a documentary exploring the relationship between mothers and their children (All About Mothers), and produced by Zen Design, Daniel Montanarini’s[…]

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Coffee, God and Gasoline || Daily Short Picks

Coffee, God and Gasoline

A man obsessed with following his life plan has decided it’s time to choose between falling in love or following the plan. Starring Joe Pistone (Mad Men, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf).

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First World Problems | Daily Short Picks

First World Problems

Mike and Paul are two mates who meet each day in the park for a coffee and a break from the daily grind. As they share and discuss the problems they face in their day to day lives, they miss out on what’s happening in the world surrounding them. Are[…]

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During a coffee talk, Arthur recounts the unexpected situations that he experienced after his father’s passing. Through memories and anecdotes, the 30 years old young man turns into a catharsis that will drive him to reflect on the customs, ties and enigmas, which are raised before the inevitable question of[…]

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Coffee Virgin

Everyone remembers their first cup… Coffee Virgin is a psychedelic short film about a boy who tries coffee for the first time.

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Tap Shoes and Violins

Both Charlie and Scott often feel out of place but during a brief encounter at their favorite coffee shop they feel as if they might have just met someone special. But neither ask for the others phone number and return home wishing they can go back in time. They return[…]

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A New Man | Featured Short Film

A New Man

After his wife leaves him, Charles begins to assume the identities of strangers at a local coffee shop to avoid being alone. We all know a break up is hard, and a spouse leaving you is even harder. The mind will often enter in a state of shock and depression[…]

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6-Minute Mom

When the person supposed to be closest to you is nothing more than a stranger.

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