Dribble // Crowdfunding Pick


Basketball’s Dribble Man Saves 150 Children From Abuse, Child Labour & Poverty. Crowdfunding Campaign hopes to provide the children with basic needs of socks, milk, nutrition & shoes. Gheja is a tiny village near Noida in North India. I lived in the affluent and influential area of Noida which is[…]

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56 || Short Film Trailer


Three children struggle to get 56 kg of rice: the cost of going to primary school in Soavinarivo, a small village in the Madagascar inland.

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The Arrival || Featured Short Film

The Arrival

Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe. The movie was produced by Zen Design Studios and inspired by a documentary All About Mothers Inspired by a documentary exploring the relationship between mothers and their children (All About Mothers), and produced by Zen Design, Daniel Montanarini’s[…]

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Penelope in The Treehouse || Featured Short Film

Penelope in The Treehouse

When a new stepfather moves in, Penelope escapes to a treehouse above the clouds. Penelope in The Threehouse is a film that reaches out to our childhood’s furthest imaginations, while sharing a rather real dilemma that many children are faced with in their young ages; having to deal with new[…]

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Hursit | Short Film Trailer


Hursit lives with his mother and disabled brother in Cappadocia. He sees that what he has learned at the religious school is quite different from what is going on around him in real life. He realizes that the children can learn good values and tolerance while at the same time,[…]

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Closure is a film about foster sisters Annabelle and Bene who seek closure on their sexually abusive childhood. facebook.com/ClosureTheShortFilm twitter.com/TheFilmClosure

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Sunday Dinner With The Morgans | Daily Short Picks

Sunday Dinner With The Morgans

Meet the Morgans: A snapshot of the perfect family. Ian, An authoritative patriarch, His doting wife, Cassandra the quintessential housewife. Their children, Jenna, musically gifted and well mannered and Timmy, Smarter than the average 10 year old, often seen but never heard. Yes, the Morgans truly are a modern envision[…]

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Saving Joule | Short Film Trailer

Saving Joule

Trunk and Peepshow Collective director Pete Mellor has created a fantastic educational film for Saudi children. Peepshow were approached by The Edge Picture Company to produce an animation for KCA London and their client the Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia. The film is aimed[…]

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In Limbo | Short Film Trailer

In Limbo

Black Eyed Children haunt the dreams of everyday folk. Once they have entered your dreams they leave your physical body in a dreamlike trance and your soul is left In Limbo. inlimboshortfilm.com facebook.com/inlimbofilm2015 twitter.com/inlimbo_film

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Terbang | Daily Short Picks

Terbang, Blessings & Fitrah

A Malaysian story is a 3 part short films that interconnected with each other. It was released as part of Malaysia Airlines festive ads feature between August 2014 to July 2015. It’s used ‘music’ as key elements of the story telling and with different approach between the 3 films. I[…]

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