Sonja // Featured Short Film


A poetic portrayal of the story of the sightless artist Sona Zeliskova, who despite adverse fate found her life journey in art and ceramics The film experiments with audio-visual components to recount Sona’s unique story. Combining a documentary, narrative and poetic approach, this short film attempts to depict the real-life[…]

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Intimacy // Daily Short Picks


A film told entirely through the alternating perspectives of a deaf woman and a blind man, as they go through the emotional turmoil of their first date.

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Seeing // Daily Short Picks


A man rediscovers his eyesight and seeks revenge to the cause of his temporary blindness.

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Cup of Coffee || Daily Short Picks

Cup of Coffee

An old blind man is on his way to a cafe to get his morning cup of coffee. Can he foresee what’s going to happen? No..

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Blind Arcade || Daily Short Picks

Blind Arcade

Blind Arcade explores the difference in perspective between a man and a woman at the end of a relationship.

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Blind Date || Daily Short Picks

Blind Date

What would you do to get the one thing in life you want more than anything else? Nichole is a blind woman who wants TWO things: to find love and to see. Not too much to ask… or is it? ‘Blind Date’ is an Audience-Award Winner about a blind woman[…]

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Ayatana || Daily Short Picks


A young blind boy tries to see the world with the help of his girlfriend and the power of his imagination.

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Daily Short Picks | Nighthawks


The lives of three lonely strangers in the city interconnect: a blind man with an obsession, a boy who sees the world differently, and a girl who is more than meets the eye. Starring ALEXANDER ARNOLD, KATE LITTLE, LEO WRINGER Written and Directed by JUN BUNG LEE Producer FALAK[…]

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Look Have you ever wondered how changing your point of view could affect your own happiness ? “Regarde” may give you the answer…

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