Lions in The Corner // Daily Short Picks

Lions in the Corner

Virginia, Scarface started Streetbeefs in his backyard to combat gun and knife violence in the area. Soon it turned into something much more. Director’s Statement I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that my own hometown was housing a fight club to combat gun and knife violence in the area.[…]

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It's About Time // Daily Short Picks

It’s About Time!

A young man’s night takes an eventful turn after a mysterious object appears in his backyard. Directors Statement The inspiration for this film stemmed from a curiosity of time travel and a simple desire to see a project through to the end. If there’s anything I’ve learned about filmmaking over[…]

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AnimalsAnimalsAnimals // Featured Short Film


A depressed house husband decides to take a journey into the unknown world of his own backyard. Animals Animals Animals follows Andy, a depressed house husband, who decides to take a journey into the unknown world of his own backyard. Andy’s journey leads him to a drug induced revelation courtesy[…]

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Cross // Daily Short Picks


A young Filipino-American man is lured into the world of backyard boxing in order to save his mother’s life. This is a coming of age story that also looks at the intersection of Filipino and Mexican culture. Director’s Statement After spending my entire life disappointed with the cinematic representations of[…]

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The Discovery of Alan Hindley || Featured Short Film

The Discovery of Alan Hindley

A ham radio enthusiast discovers a mysterious object that might be a window into another world. One day, a mysterious object falls from the sky, crashing into Alan’s backyard. The object begins to manipulate Alan’s perception giving him a glimpse into a disturbing alternate version of his own reality. While[…]

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Brothers || Daily Short Picks


A 9-year-old learns to cope with guilt, after he accidentally hurts his little brother in a game of backyard baseball. “Brothers” started as a challenge by my mentors Derek Cianfrance and Jim Helton, while I was working on Derek’s film “The Light Between Oceans.” Derek and Jim pushed me to[…]

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Remy and Juliet have had too much to drink and decide to crash a backyard barbecue.

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B | Short Film Trailer


The lives of a single father, Frank, and his two children, Roman and Rosemary, are threatened by an unknown presence in the forests of their backyard.

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