A Dream Dressed in Black // Daily Short Picks

A Dream Dressed in Black

I often wonder what the world would look like if the ancient cultures of the past had survived repeated attempts to have their faiths banished from popular practise through colonization. Did the ancient Mexican culture and religion die during the conquest by the Spaniards in the 16th century, and are[…]

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Better The End // Daily Short Picks

Better the End

Better the End opens with Qohelet, the author of Ecclesiastes as he reads from his ancient text, a text long considered dangerous for its pessimistic understanding of human endeavors. Yet the text feels at home in the setting of a modern city as we are confronted by two women whose[…]

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Carloman - Fool || Daily Short Picks

Carloman – Fool

Carloman is a two-person music project in which Dominic Matar and Elliot Thompson, based in New York/Los Angeles, summon the forgotten souls of times past in order to tell their trivial stories to a modern audience with little-to-no attention span. The music video for Carloman’s new single “Fool” is directed[…]

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Agravoy || Featured Short Film


From the shadows an ancient evil leers out of a grey eye. Dark and passionate envy breathe life into a world of ritual and sacrifice. ‘Agravoy’ takes the peeping tom to an entirely different level. On his directional debut, Jacob Nizzola ambitiously sets the atmospheric tone right from the beginning,[…]

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Minotauress || Short Trailer


The ancient story of the minotaur told from the point of view of the female minotaur.

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In an abandoned foundry, a young girl wanders alone. She clutches tightly to an ancient coin as she treks toward a mysterious doorway. Elements assault her, testing her resolve. She fights howling winds, earthquakes, and supernatural fire before finally confronting the unknown transformation that lies beyond the threshold. svad.exposure.co/elegy

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With the help of a powerful coven of witches, Arius, an ancient vampire, learns the impossible truth of his creation. facebook.com/OriginsShortFilm

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Leviathan Ages | Short Film Trailer

Leviathan Ages Trailer 2

Bound in ancient celestial ballet, nine dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor. Watch the first trailer here. leviathanages.com

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Leviathan Ages Short Film Trailer

Leviathan Ages

Leviathan Ages is a Science Fiction Fantasy short film, which uses a combination of live action footage, stills photography and CG imagery to create an altered reality within which the mind can wander. The story charts the desperate final act of a fallen emperor, and his lament. As the rocks[…]

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