Dan’s reckless ways have given birth to funny little monsters, who live in and around his mundane life, feeding off his waste. Until one day when fate takes a kind eye to him.

This short film bolsters with imagination. Filmed in Romania by WAO and produced by Studioset, Waste takes us deep into a world created by our subconscious, where everyday routine habits turn into hidden monsters.

Like most of their previous work, ‘Waste’ uses a blend of techniques, including both live action and paper crafted animation, with an unexpected twist at the end…

-Damian Groves

The film has a manipulative Michel Gondry -esque allure to it, mixing fantasy and dream like situations into real life scenarios, much like his films Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or even more so The Science of Sleep. The use of cardboard and fabrics to create these fascinating colorful monsters in a mundane world adds a creative aspect to the film that we are rarely used to seeing.

Waste Toilet MonsterCool monsters is not all the film brings to the table, with an unusual narrator method to tell just a simple story about a man and his wastes, bringing it together with creative art directing and editing.

Directed by Anton Groves, Waste was originally conceived by Anton and Damian Groves (WAO), as a comical love story and a statement about society’s wasteful habits. The film stars Ana Ularu and the very talented Mihai Stanescu, and boasts an original soundtrack by the new Romanian garage sensation The Nuggers!

Waste Drawer MonsterThe best part is that Studioset let’s you create your own little monster. Visit their site and download your very own pop-up monsters with instructions on how to make and install them.

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