I will not tell you whose voice leads us through three extreme situations that are actually the same… Will you survive?

Simply dazzling and captivating story! It just indulges you deeper and deeper as you watch and listen, and then suddenly just spits you out, just to suck you right back in!

and right now, you’ve only got 2 minutes and 33 seconds of oxygen left…

Hard to know what the film is actually about jumping through its meticulous scenes, the unpredictability of the magnificently told story with a stunning voice over brings together emotions like you have never felt before… or have you?

You’re the smartest, it’s true, but you also know that the others are braver than you…

Although a Spanish film, the voice over is done by the well-known French actor Féodor Atkine, and according to director Martin Rosete, they decided to make it in French because of a song:

We loved the song of the end, “Elle etait si Jolie” by Alain Barriere. That was something that we were sure that we wanted to use because it was perfect with the story. Also our soldier is French. More importantly, it is a love story so we thought that French was the perfect language.

– Excerpt from Martin Rosete’s interview with manhatthanshort.com

You might not be a fan of science fiction or war films, but this one will guide you completely through it with an ending that will leave you in awe! Splendidly deserves all the recognition it has received, and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.