A story so theatrical and over the top that it can only be expressed…. in a song….

We’ve seen Ben Reicher’s over the top multi-animated short AwesomeForce, which is a must if you ran out of happy pills. This time ben comes back and focuses on of the AwesomeForce heroes; Valor Cat.

Secretly Mayor Mark Bristle is the hero of Valor City. John Sci is Valor Cat’s best friend and the man who gave him his powers. Burmac is a robot that Valor Cat thought he killed (watch the mini prequel). He has recently repaired himself and is planning to take down Valor Cat with the only thing that could possibly stop him. This is the story of Burmac’s revenge.

I am an animation student at Calarts and Valor Cat is my 3rd year film. Last spring I wrote the screenplay and constructed all sets and characters over the summer. I spent the first semester storyboarding the film and the spring semester animating, lighting, and rendering the production with mental-ray in 4K stereoscopic 3D.

If an over the top storyline involving a mad genius scientist, an evil robot, a man-cat superhero and his evil accelerated-grown clone half brother is not wicked enough for you, Ben puts the cherry on the cake by turning this in to a rapid fight-singing musical; it’s fantastic!