A San Francisco Uber driver unexpectedly has an intimate encounter with a stranger.

Twin Flame is a story about brief encounters. Told through the scope of an Uber driver in San Francisco, the piece highlights an intimate night between two strangers who come together unexpectedly. Despite their many differences, these strangers grow from each other, and realize they are fighting the same battle.

I’m in love with San Francisco. It’s my hometown. I love how the city feels so big when you’re wandering alone aimlessly, sandwiched between two skyscrapers, yet small enough to run into old friends on the very same block. The city also has a particular sound and energy–an energy that warms my heart. It’s such a romantic and aesthetically pleasing city. I really wanted to encapsulate all of this in Twin Flame.

I wanted San Francisco to be a character of its own in this piece, and I believe this story would be entirely different had it been set in any other city. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to say when I started writing–I just had these visceral, poetic moments in my mind. I created these characters, all of which have a part of me in them, and found a special place for each one in the story. I began to realize that each character sort of symbolizes the different types of love–no type being stronger or more significant than the other, just different.

Alexi certainly draws passion from his work which is quite noticeable in the end result. Driven by a smooth pace, we slowly embark on the film’s rhythm and fall through the filmmaker’s intention with the character and environment growths.

I ultimately put my entire self and soul into this film and I’ve never made something this authentic and vulnerable. I set out to explore the complexities of life and the dualism of falling in love–I would say that is the real purpose of the film and I hope it resonates with every viewer.

There are several escalating up and down moments in the film that constantly keep us gripped to the evolving storyline that Alexi builds for us. An immaculate and emotional performance from both protagonists Rob Healy and Diana Gettinger really drive the tone from beginning to end.