A man is cursed by his inner beast and finds himself struggling with his addiction to lust and his desire for love.

Lured by lust and rhythm, The Second Circle will entrap you until you become a victim. Beautiful, sensual and unexpected in the expected. The dark mystery throughout the film unleashes the beast of a cursed manwho finds himself addicted to the very thing he hates most. By perfecting the art of seduction he brings his beautiful victims back to his lair only to kill them at the peak of his seductive act.

The film, written and directed by Karl Nickoley, stars Matthew Stephen Smith has appeared on Fox’s Hit show New Girl, The Young and the Restless and Joan Rivers Knows Best, and Amanda Del Valle an international supermodel, has done several European advertising campaigns and was the lead in Old Navy’s fall campaign in 2012.

The experience of the cast has allowed the film to receive unprecedented notoriety before it’s release launch of its social media campaign, receiving recognition from Laurieann Gibson, choreographer for Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

– The Second Circle Press Release

The short’s particular upbeat tempo is drawn just like a music video. Contrasted visuals and paced cuts mimic the flow of the soundtrack composed by Scott Nickloey and Ryan Franks. The Second Circle can even be perceived to some as a longer trailer to a featured film, just with a lot of spoilers and an ending of course. The story can easily be developed to a feature length film, or even a TV series, but it also sits in perfectly as a mysterious short film! Thrilling!