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Susie Sunshine

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In an alternate world, Martin Energy dominates the energy market by harnessing women’s emotional intelligence and strength to generate resources. When one of their “Sunshine Makers” accidentally creates electricity, the balances of this imposed order start to unravel.

Susie Sunshine seems like a condensed episode taken right out of the hit TV Series ‘Black Mirror’, where in an alternate world renewable energy runs on the strength of women’s emotions. The film by Chelsea O’Connor explores an intensive pick on social stereotyping, specificaly on the female work place.

I came up with the idea when I was pondering over the questions – what if my emotions are worth something? What if they could be sold or make a profit- I’m a fairly emotional person so I was thinking about how I’m rich in that kind of currency. Emotions led me to power, power led me to the idea of a power plant. But instead of coal or natural gas it was women’s happiness, passion, etc. I originally wrote it to be a part of the DWW program at AFI but when I wasn’t accepted I decided to make it on my own, bring together a producing team and just make it happen. The short is not exactly a proof of concept- I made sure it was a stand alone piece. However, I have a whole world in Susie Sunshine that I would love to continue to explore in either a series or a feature film. I hope one day I get the chance.

The film, boasting a rather heavy production strikes us with its wonderful retro-futuristic styling, masterfully creating costume and set designs to support the almost picture perfect world of the future. With such a strong storyline revolving around women, and marvellously played by its cast starring Jessica Howell as Susie Sunshine, it is no surprise that the film was created and produced by a majority female crew – not to take anything away from the men who worked hard on the film.

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