Two teens on moonlit lookout have their date thrown off the rails after they encounter an unwanted visitor.

‘Stardust Like You & I’ is a short film that will set you back over 50 years or so. Directors Steve Cutler & Mark Corless caught our attention with their attempt to recreate teen-centered science-fiction movies from the 1950’s, something we don’t see very often these days.

The idea came from watching films like ‘The Thing From Another World‘ and ‘The Blob‘ while hanging out with friends on summer nights. They shot the short trying really hard to use only elements from the decade, leaving out equipment like dollies and cranes which they feel are disconnected from the end results. Bringing back the simplistic styles creates entertainment driven entirely by story and excitement.

The film was shot in Halifax in 25 hours and a total budget of 70$. The post-production was then all done in Montreal when they returned back to school. This film is a perfect example for upcoming filmmakers, to try to create something fresh and creative while spending the least amount possible. Keeping things simple early on will teach you on the fundamentals of filmmaking, with time growing into the little details.

The team did a fantastic job recreating effects from the 50’s. As homemade as the tinfoil UFO looked, it fit perfectly with the era’s miniaturized special effects commonly used. The sound was also captured with the same radio/static feel as those ancient television set to set the mood throughout the film.

Sit back and watch this with an open mind, enjoy the simplistic details, and be aware, there will be screamish teenage girl!