On the brink of extinction, humanity flips the switch on artificial intelligence, the Hail Mary of a collective species.

When you hear science fiction film you usually prepare yourself for a typical storyline. Although Sonova’s background story hovers around the expected idea of the world being taken over by artificial intelligence, we are poised to see things from a completely different angle.

In Justin, Arturo and Mairin’s film, the AI solves every problem conceivable, even mortality.But what happens when humanity attains digital immortality? What happens next? Follow Sonova on her journey into discovering what makes us, human.

Sonova was an idea conceived by Justin, inspired by the numerous articles online about the implications of humanity as a species, developing true artificial intelligence (most of the credit goes to waitbutwhy.com).

In addition to that, we wanted to give a different take on AI as the world was already saturated with numerous movies about AI gone rogue.

With that in mind, Justin, Arturo and Mairin conceived of a story which would also incorporate subtle commentary on how humanity as a species already is a slave to technology.

What happens when humanity attains digital immortality?

Much of the film is seen through Sonova’s HUD display, where you can watch her talk to T.A.I, and their interactions over the course of her reincarnations. The wonderful design works sets a smooth and gentle tone while not overwhelming us with flares and needless information, which we often get to consume in science fiction flicks.

We wanted to delve into how we perceive our environment as humans, and created Sonova, a human, having attained immortality by shedding her humanity, seeks to rediscover what makes humans, human.

We wanted it to be very intimate, where you watch Sonova discover her senses one by one, almost childlike. Namely, sight, hearing and touch, as we are unable to portray smell or taste with today’s current technology.

Some viewers have asked us if T.A.I is the antagonist, the “bad” character in the film, the answer we have is that it’s up to your own interpretation, just like how there are people for and against AI in the real world.

With such a deep character based story, we are definitely treated to some mind exercises while enjoying some thought out exquisite design work and setting and characters as well.