Breath of Life

Sheng Qi offers a moving vision and an intimate actual experience of effort in a sports competition.

The Olympics are a high-profile event which aims to celebrate the body in motion. While all eyes of the world are turned on the athletes and their exploits, the look of the athlete, for her part, is turned to within her own body. Listening to her inner movements, because that is where the real victory is, the athlete seeks to surpass herself.

All parts of the body, such as teamwork, are contributing. Muscles, tendons, joints, cells, respiration, which illustrate the body moves and throbbing, straining toward a single goal; arrive first at the finish line. Thought guides the movement: visualization, concentration, determination, motivation… It is this invisible and intangible energy that the Chinese mean by Sheng Qi, the breath of life, the life force.

Imperceptible and incessant movement inside the body is essential to life, which sport is an eloquent demonstration of.

This is what this short film would explore: to show that «the essential is invisible», the beauty and poetry in the images of the body fighting, which focuses its energy and strength to serve sport.