In the distant future, a young girl is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver a young boy to an unknown campground.

Apocalypse films are becoming ever so popular, every year more and more apocalypse films are making their way to Hollywood, which has a straight effect to short films.

What hooks us to these types of films is the possible reality of them, and in some ways prepare us mentally if an event would ever occur. The apocalypse is just a setting for the film, giving the possibility of any type of story to be developed around it.

Serene Valley places us in a hostile war zone, where a young girl is watching over a boy, on a mission to deliver him to an unknown camp. Director Justin Lewis does a wonderful job at creating a growing bond between the two, leaving us wondering about their connection throughout the entire film.

I want the audience to put themselves in the shoes of our main character and ask what would I do? I really love manipulating and playing with the audience’s emotion and perception. Serene Valley was a film that allowed me to do this in a really cool setting.

The short was filmed at St-Mary’s Glacier about 10, 000 ft above sea level, where production had to be postponed over 4 months due to snow storms. The beautiful surroundings were captured with the help of Director of Photography Peter Wigand, enforced by the captivating performance by young actress Christine Mascolo.