Two creatives at an ad agency thought they had pleased their client and earned a weekend off. They were wrong…

Terror season has officially started. And this little terrifying story is everyone’s worst nightmare. RE:VISIONS is a suspenseful comedy about the horror of client revisions on creative projects. The film follows two members of the creative team at an ad agency who think they just finished a large project. Just when they think they are free to enjoy their weekend, their worst nightmare comes….revisions.

I was approached by my EP, Matthew P. Rojas, to make a short film that would play at Circles Conference in Dallas, TX. Circles Conference is for ad agency creatives and their clients so they wanted something that they could relate to. I came up with the idea and co-wrote the script with my wife, Madelyn Cunningham. She is a very talented writer and a project manager at Designsensory in Knoxville. Her insight really allowed us to be specific with our jokes about revisions and life at an ad agency. We filmed it in 1.5 days and finished post 7 days later.

Directed by Chad Cunningham (The Order), Re:Visions is able to catch the audience through its relate-able (and terrifying) scenario. The cast wonderfully turned this full-on thriller into a fun parody than any creative will be able to laugh and possibly cry over.