A short story about couple breaking up, told through the monolog of an actress.

Part is about a breakup. It happens; maybe too often to some and maybe not often enough to others. But whether you were the person breaking up or the person getting the wonderful news, it happened to everyone. Some people prepare breakup speeches, practice in front of a mirror (yes, you’re not the only one doing that), and hope for the best. Others just do it spontaneously, and again hope for the best. Alas, this effort from Sergey Komarov tells the story of a couple’s ending through the girl’s breakup monologue. While telling the tale of their story and where it ends for her, the viewer is guided by wonderfully romantic shots and photography to see exactly what their adventure together is and was, following the girl’s point of view and memories of this relationship until the end.

As a first attempt at writing and directing, this short has a wonderful story and the overall execution is really well done. The beginning of the short caused some confusion for me, just because of the way their dialogue was initiated, it felt like the actors did a much better job acting during her monologue, rather then when they’re actually speaking. The photography is beautiful and poetic -no wonder Komarov is a director of photography-, and take the viewers into their life, or better, into the girl’s memories about their story.

What I really enjoyed about this short, is how well the monologue was translated into the memories of this relationship from her standpoint, which is something everyone who broke up with someone or has been broken up with can relate to, and most probably why the actors did such an awesome job with their performances.