A student gets more than she bargained for when she offers to buy the town drunk a hot meal.

‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ is a simple in premise film that ingeniously hides many wonderful wonders. Lourdes, a university student, is grateful to Bernard, the town drunk, when he comes to her aid in an uncomfortable situation. But when she offers to buy him a hot meal, she ends up getting involved in far more than she bargained for.

My aim was to depict 2 characters that were on opposite ends of their lives. One, an old drunk, who lives with pain and regret, and the other, a young girl, exudes kindness and optimism. They cross paths and change each other’s lives forever.

The film holds intense production values made obvious with its lovely yet non-obtrusive cinematography, but empowered ever more by its cast and characters. Lourdes artistic graphic work is made obvious from its stunning title screen, but to our main surprise, the film suddenly explodes with fantastic visual effects that take the story to an entire new level of mystical fantasy.

Designing The Look