Emergence of patterns in chaos or the way we fall in love.

Complexity of harmony, fragile balance between several tension points, emergence of patterns in chaos or the way we fall in love.

True beauty is everywhere.

Hard to reach, ephemeral and mysterious, or simply hidden from us, revealed in a blink or a few time last forever, it shapes our ability to feel, to observe and to marvel about Nature and other beings.

But are we still able to do so ?
Modern life has weakened our eyes, blurred our attention, night skies has been obliterated by the city lights, noise covers silence increasingly.
Everything is going so fast that it requires a lot of energy to freeze frame and contemplate what universe has to offer.

As a love letter to contemplation, Order & Chaos is an attempt to reveal the beauty we forgot or ignored, how fragile and precious its presence is, and why human is progressively losing it.

Can you tell me a little bit about Order & Chaos, how did this film come about?

The idea of this film came after directing my 2 previous shorts (Novae & Intra) that are all about cosmos and astrophysics laws, I wanted to “go back to earth” and to “humanity”, creating something more intimate and poetic.

So initially, Voice over is reading out a love letter to a lost girlfriend, telling how much he misses her, how beautiful and eternal she is and how he tried his best to be by her side but it wasn’t enough.

At one point, I was hoping the audience would intuitively understand that it’s actually Humanity talking to Nature. Humanity is represented by those spaceships called monoliths.

To let you know my initial intentions (but i don’t really want to explain the film that much, i prefer audience to have it’s own interpretation), I assumed the storyline takes place in a far future, where Humanity within ecologic crisis faded away from the surface of the planet, leaving a naked Nature, gorgeous but somehow corrupted (the color pallet of this film goes to pale white to rotten green/blue).

The monoliths (humanity) have to hatch from the ground, in order to find another place to bloom, leaving a beautiful yet uninhabitable earth, like the voice over realising his ex girlfriend is too good for him, but thankful, grateful for her giving meaning to his chaos.

What about the process, is everything CGI? Or did you use some real photography?

The “making of” (attached just below) explains a lot of my process, there is both CGI (drone shots + monolith) and macro photography (nature, cosmos shots), in order to reveal the similarity of nature’s patterns whatever the scale through fractals and fluid laws (like a lighting bolt / a dead tree / or a blob mushroom or cyclone / galaxy), this process to tell that nature’s beauty is everywhere but hidden, hard to reach.