On a simple assignment to draw something important about his life turns into a complex ordeal for Oliver

Moments is an absolutely beautiful moving film that brings us along Oliver’s mysterious Moments. After getting a simple assignment to draw something important from his life, it quickly turns into a complicated one. The events take a turn when Oliver meets a mysterious guy who breaks his camera. With the help of the mysterious guy, Oliver tries to find his important thing and win the heart of his dream girl and answers to his past.

The film is an unexpected journey that despite its length, joyfully brings us through its slow paced but beautiful scenes. We rarely feature shorts over 15 minutes, but when we do it’s because we urge you to take the time and watch them!

It is hard to believe that this wonderful film was written and directed by a teenager in his last year of high school. Besides writing and producing a 28 minute short film, Tarvi Roos also had to deal with school, student company and University applications, something that many people would deem impossible.

There was this one special place I had to find – a little strange house. Fortunately, when I was location scouting with my friend, we came across this little soviet era workers caravan-house (that’s been sitting there for the last 30 years). I went back to ask a permission to film there… I instantly noticed some weird noises from the other side of that big site, to be exact, from the location of this little house. I gradually stopped walking and kept looking at that house, which was about 800 meters away from me. They had a bulldozer. Yes. A bulldozer. And they destroyed this house.

-Excerpt from How did the short film “Moments” come to life?

Tarvi certainly had his shares of obstacles in producing his film, but the end result most definitely does not show as so, as the film grows with each passing minute. The story, mysterious as it is, develops and turns over multiple premises that gather together over an unexpected and touching ending. Although I particularly love Patrick Watson‘s music (also a Montrealer), and the chosen songs fit in to perfection with the feel and flow of the film, I always prefer hearing original music in short films, especially in one that had so much work involved. But this takes absolutely nothing away from the film, certainly we’ll be seeing much more of Tarvi’s work soon!