Los Angeles, 1991. The streets are a hotbed of racial tension, ready to burst at any moment …

We all remember the tension that surrounded the LA region back in the early 90s. Particularly fascinated by the events, filmmaker Miguel Olaso decided to plunge into the idea of creating a film that hovered around that place and time, in which came the short film ‘Los Angeles 1991’. A film about a boy named Eladio, and the important day he’s about to have in avenging the death of his older brother. However, he will quickly discover he is not the only one who has reasons to kill.

Today is an important day for Eladio: he is going to avenge the death of his older brother.

We’ve always been fascinated with the LA riots and after researching the subject, we found a graphic novel by renowned artist Horacio Altuna that was set in that particular landscape. We thought the stories were powerful and knew they had huge potential to be adapted into a feature film. We knew we would eventually be looking for financing so we decided to adapt one of the stories to show what we could do with it.

Told from a completely different perspective, the film brings a unique type of light to the genre. Intertwining connections between the characters are exposed by the narrator to divulge the true nature of the story as it happened. The story is interestingly told The title alone builds up a tense situation, but rest assured that despite the expected outcome – the uneasiness and harsh graphics will make it one you won’t forget.