A keen gambler, finds himself having to escort an unknown woman to the other side of Paris for a Mafioso.

Always leave with something you came in with

Fifty Pence is a simple short film that brings back the essential values of a good action film. Skinned to a bare bone storyline, the movie attaches us with its emotional elements and connections to the unknown and mysterious characters.

We follow Darren, a keen gambler, who finds himself having to escort a woman to the other side of Paris for some type of gangster. Struggling with the implications of his involvement in the affair, Darren is forced to reconsider his values.

The film was shot in Paris over the course of 3 days by Eric Kole, who acted and directed the movie.

I had seen a lot of brilliant short films online (Apricot, Spider, etc…) and, as an actor, I had wanted to work that type of gripping and beautifully told short drama, but never seemed to come across opportunities to do so. So I simply decided to make my own.

Eric manages to keep the mystery until the very end while still achieving a full, accomplished and satisfactory storyline.