A virgin 18-year-old finds himself in over his head when he responds to a mysterious Craigslist post looking for someone to test a prototype sex robot only to have her not consent.

Based off a real Craigslist post of the same name. COME F*CK MY ROBOT follows the story of Brian – an out of work, loveless loser. Brian happens upon a job posting by an engineer looking for someone to sleep with a prototype sex robot.

Upon arriving to the reclusive engineer’s lavish home, Brian quickly realizes it may not be so simple. The robot, Ivy, refuses to give consent. The two begin to have a conversation, and realize they are not so unalike.

Behind Come F*ck My Robot

Originally a joke that went a bit too far. COME F*CK MY ROBOT is an important film to be made in this day and age of rampant sexual assault and toxic rape culture.

While funny and entertaining, CFMR is a film that touches upon the rapidly changing way we as humans interact sexually. With the advent of apps like Tinder and Bumble, relationships have changed. And not for the better. Because of the perceived anonymity of the internet, men are more likely to act inappropriately towards women, further objectify them.

Come F*ck My Robot revisits these issues with a sci-fi lens, examining consent and how we define virginity.

This short acts as a proof of concept for a feature version that further examines sex, gender, love and friendship. As the duo of Brian and Ivy (the robot) explore themselves and what it means to love—both physically and emotionally.

Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan, this short is a twisted mix between a ‘Black Mirror‘ episode and Spike Jonze’s ‘HER‘. The bizarre inspiration for this certainly let the filmmakers explore interesting environments and characters, which were brilliantly played by Nicholas Alexander, Ian Abramson and Catherine Tapling as the robot. The film touches the delicate subjects of consent and toxic behaviour, which we are happy to see is among an increasing amount of films reaching this talking point.