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Drone Strike | Short Film Trailer

A day in the life of a devoted father and serving RAF drone pilot – juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing Hellfire missiles 4000 miles away in Afghanistan – and how one fateful decision shatters his conviction.

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Backwards - Short Film Trailer

Backwards is a short, but thrilling trailer about a man who looks to revenge his brother with the help of his alter ego.

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Paper Planes - Short Film Trailer

Enter a world of imagination, prestidigitation and creativity. Enter the world that we all once lived-in and go back to being a child and let your imagination run wild. When PJ, a humble child finds his favorite toy soldier “Captain Marshall” broken, the war game that he was playing becomes[…]

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Fruitcake - Short Film Trailer

Fruitcake is the story of Adam, an eccentric, lonely, mid 30s man, and his unorthodox search for relationships. His biggest hurdle is that he doesn’t really have anyone, his recently deceased mother was his only friend, and the only other relationship he has is fraudulent and can’t last. So Fruitcake[…]

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Watch The Skies

Clayton is a struggling college student whose father, an employee of the powerful technology corporation Energia International, dissapeared twelve years ago. Watch the entire film Watch The Skies on our Weekend Shortlist

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No Girlfriends on Tour - Short Film Trailer

No Girlfriends On Tour is a short motion-comic film based upon the true story of a shady record label from the East of England. When a small metal rock band sign the record contract of their dreams, they get slightly more than they bargained for! Created by some of the[…]

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Fawked - Short Film Trailer

Black Market Cinema presents “Fawked” On November 5th, Malcolm and Melanie Moss must push their problems aside when confronted with a horrific accident on their own doorstep. Fawked is a simple but dramatic trailer that tells very little, but enough to say that something horrific has happened.

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Carolina Parakeet - Short Film Trailer

Just when you think you’ve seen all the Zombie movies you can, a cool trailer comes out. Carolina Parakeet trailer does not seem to rewrite the Zombie genre, but the editing and suspense along with the makeup and special effects for a short film look pretty darn good! Matt and[…]

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Bad Day at The Office - Short Film Trailer

Everything a short film trailer should be! Funny, corky sad and confusing! Just enough to give us a feel of the tone and character, and to want to see more. Wallace D. Popple is having a bad day. A series of painful mishaps befalls him as he goes about his[…]

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