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Fawked - Short Film Trailer

Black Market Cinema presents “Fawked” On November 5th, Malcolm and Melanie Moss must push their problems aside when confronted with a horrific accident on their own doorstep. Fawked is a simple but dramatic trailer that tells very little, but enough to say that something horrific has happened.

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Carolina Parakeet - Short Film Trailer

Just when you think you’ve seen all the Zombie movies you can, a cool trailer comes out. Carolina Parakeet trailer does not seem to rewrite the Zombie genre, but the editing and suspense along with the makeup and special effects for a short film look pretty darn good! Matt and[…]

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Bad Day at The Office - Short Film Trailer

Everything a short film trailer should be! Funny, corky sad and confusing! Just enough to give us a feel of the tone and character, and to want to see more. Wallace D. Popple is having a bad day. A series of painful mishaps befalls him as he goes about his[…]

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Candy Crush The Movie - Short Film Trailer

Sometimes the best trailers are the fake ones! Here’s an awesome spin on your favorite mobile games into a movie. Created by Ryan Higa, Candy Crush The Movie also features games such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Temple Run and Draw Something. With so many addicting games, it no surprise[…]

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How To Make it to The Promised Land - Short Film Trailer

Summer camp gets really strange for 15-year-old Lizzie when she is forced to play a Holocaust role-play game. One day at summer camp, Lizzie and her fellow campers are divided into SS Officers and Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1941. As the game devolves into chaos, Lizzie tries to avoid[…]

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Dubstep Trooper - Short Film Trailer

“Dubstep Trooper” is an untold but key side story to the Star Wars saga. A secret, kept for decades, is revealed as an epic clash unfolds between a rebellious young stormtrooper and Darth Vader.

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Ten Thousand Days - Short Film Trailer

Darby Duncan is convinced he will die on his ten thousandth day. But when he meets Arabella, things don’t quite go to plan. Watch Ten Thousand Days now on Film Shortage

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Comeliness - Short Film Trailer

Un court métrage sur les crêtes et les pièges de la « beauté américaine moderne ». Comeliness poursuit deux jours de la vie de Jesse Latham, une top modèle qui a des moments de complicités avec sa carrière et sa vie personnelle.

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Necrophilia - Short Film Trailer

Necrophilia: A Love Story, at the core, is a story about second chances at romance and how things are never exactly the same when you try again. Mitchel, a lonely and depressed recluse, decides to dig up the grave of his deceased ex-girlfriend, Emily, to spend one last moment with[…]

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Self Inflicted - Short Film Trailer

A Love Story with a Punch. Jim’s just a regular guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who’s looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her? Watch Self Inflicted in full on our Vimeo Channel

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