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Smosh Mosh // Short Film Trailer

Smosh Mosh is a trash bin world for all the weirdos the mighty gods didn’t like. The mini-series is made up of 8×7 minute episodes and follows our hero Flooz on her quest to find the holy schnitzel. The plot, setting, villains and every other aspect of the show has[…]

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Metting MacGuffin // Short Film Trailer

In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has fallen apart, a group of scientists and an animated sign complete the construction of a new human race and meet a groundhog climatologist who prepares them for their mission to restore balance to the decimated Earth.

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Void // Short Film Trailer

After Daniel and his wife abort their child, Daniel realizes his misjudgment, and his suppressed grief and rage about their unborn child threatens their marriage.

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Guerra // Short Film Trailer

A troubled fighter returns to the gym she once called home, where a battle with her former trainer and his new fighter is the only path to forgiveness.

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Pop // Short Film Trailer

Renee is a stoned slacker obsessed with popping her zits – until the zits start popping back! Unmanned’s new body-horror comedy tackles bizzaro L.A. culture, cosmic terror, body image issues and demonic pimples, infused with a helping of evil puss tentacles and 1970s sci-fi sexploitation for good measure.

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