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UI - Soon we will all be one // Short Trailer

When hard-bitten ranger Kira is sent out on yet another lonesome patrol mission, she discovers a mysterious, large object in the vast ice lands of Antarctica. Little does she know that inside this object waits a lethal trap not only for her, but for mankind.

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Hostess // Short Film Trailer

In a seven and half minute unbroken shot, Gina struggles to keep the peace as an unwanted guest arrives at the time-travel themed party she is hosting. Is he a visitor from the future or just an intruder from the past?

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Billy The Kid // Short Trailer

When Edward’s wife is nearly killed by outlaws, he must decide whether or not revenge can be justice at the price of teaching his son, William, that violence is an answer. Premiering December 21st on our Daily Short Picks!

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Laserpope // Short Film Trailer

Its part pope, part machine. Now cleaning church – one laserbeam at the time. After taking on our 2016 Top 5 trailer list, Laserpope is back with a new trailer and new mission – and he is looking for help! Support the feature film on Kickstarter.

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Uneatable // Short Film Trailer

In 90s Norfolk, teenage Branwen leads a dreary existence of caring for her mother and enduring the men in her life. It’s only when she makes a strange friend one dark night that she realizes that everything can change.

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Los Tres Escalones // Short Film Trailer

Pedro lives in Cofete, an isolated beach of Fuerteventura. He abandoned his lifestyle to find out the obscure history of his family’s old house. “The three steps” tells a story of a man who decides not to give up and struggle against the elements.

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The Birth of Deceit // Short film Trailer

A peaceful town where all seems to be normal lies a dark cold secret that took the town by surprise as a couple befriended their neighbor/close friends, granddaughter for their own psychopath needs. Which led to the main character, Amber along with her friends fighting for their life.

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