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Sides of a Horn // Short Film Trailer

From Executive Producer, Sir Richard Branson, Sides of a Horn is the first film to tell the story of South Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence. Based on actual events, and filmed in the townships and game reserves most directly impacted by wildlife crime, this dramatic short[…]

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Bill's Leaving // Short Film Trailer

On the eve of his going away party, disgraced executive Bill goes into the bathroom to kill himself, but before he can do the deed, a stream of his subordinates file in exchanging stories about him, each worse than the next.

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Virtaus // Short Film Trailer

A young woman, Iris, finds herself in a foreign city all alone, haunted by her past. She wanders the empty streets, until she meets a young man, Niko, who tries to dig deeper into her bleak past. VIRTAUS is a Finnish short film made by a passionate team of young[…]

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Deep Dive // Short Film Trailer

In the near future, everyone sees the city through their own set of augmented reality contact lenses. Through these digital screens, it is possible for them to curate their experience of the world, – just like an online network bubble that has become part of the physical world. Here a[…]

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Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story // Short Film Trailer

“Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story” is a short documentary film focusing on the life of Xoe Xapoian, an actress, model and dancer who lost her leg in an unfortunate car accident just one year ago. Drawing upon an inner reserve of strength, willpower and love, she has been able[…]

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Kushtaka // Short Film Trailer

Based in the 1900s, a recently widowed prospector remains alone in the Alaskan wilderness during his desperate search for gold. He has been hearing strange noises from the trees, and can’t shake the feeling someone or something is watching him. Can he find his fortune and leave Alaska for good?[…]

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Die Flucht // Short Film Trailer

Die Flucht follows the story of a lonely figurine, traveling on a fixed track, trying to catch a red balloon. When the machine breaks down, the boy comes to life, and attempts to finish the cycle he was originally destined to be on forever. Premiering January 4th on Film Shortage

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