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Grow Up // Short Film Trailer

A nostalgic glimpse into the lives of Southern California’s suburban youth. A group of teenagers hang on to their last moments of adolescence, as senior year is coming to an end and the pressures of growing up are looming around the corner.

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Represent // Web Series Trailer

REPRESENT: A Web Series is about Ellie and Tess, two actresses who, after a rough day as women in the film industry, decide to take matters into their own hands. With the help of a hyper-competent badass lady director and a few unsuspecting men, they decide to make their own[…]

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See More Glass

See More Glass tells the story of Michael, a war veteran who upon his return home, finds himself incapable of fitting within the society and his own family. See More Glass is a character study that delves into the essence of the unwell, however not in the body, but in[…]

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Binge / Trailer

Identical twin sisters, Ani and Ale, are addicted to teen-soap, ‘Runyon’. Although they are drifting apart, the sisters share a love for Johnny, the James Dean-esque main character of the show. As they binge-watch ‘Runyon’, one twin tries to navigate her first relationship while the other manifests her ultimate fantasy.

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