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Bad Signs Trailer

Bad Signs is an in-production feature film Directed by Chris R Wilson, co-director of the “outrageous” short film Throng, featured several weeks ago on Film Shortage. Written by Hollie Olson, Chris R Wilson, Jonathan Senske and Tim Feeney, Bad Signs is about the hardships of being a sign holder. The[…]

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After The Rain Short Film Trailer 2

This is the second teaser trailer to my film After The Rain released in April 2012. Remembering the fun I had editing this trailer and the first version is what motivated me to create the Trailers section on Film Shortage. The film is about a man who finds himself stranded[…]

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We Hunt Trailer

We Hunt is a short documentary about hunting in the Netherlands. The whole documentary is shot in slowmotion and tells the story of Bjorn and his group of hunters. Using a RED one and a Phantom v710 camera to shoot the film. There is quite a fiery discussion about hunting[…]

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514 - Short Film

Under the anemic lights of a call center, a depressed young man meets an overly ecstatic baby boomer. Shot in Montreal, 514 is the story of two generations perplexed in front of each other, in which youth and hope don’t always go together. It’s a quiet tale about the people[…]

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Leviathan Ages Short Film Trailer

Leviathan Ages is a Science Fiction Fantasy short film, which uses a combination of live action footage, stills photography and CG imagery to create an altered reality within which the mind can wander. The story charts the desperate final act of a fallen emperor, and his lament. As the rocks[…]

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Menschen Trailer

May 1945. During the last week of the war as the Allies close in, an Austrian captain attempts to guide the remains of his company behind the Russian lines to surrender to the Americans. They take under their wing a developmentally disabled boy. As the loyalty of his men is[…]

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Reboot Trailer

Here is a trailer to a thrilling 39 minute short film by Joe Kawasaki. It resembles a bit like a modern day version of the cult film “Hackers“, without Angelina Jolie’s exposed breasts I presume. Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, “Reboot” touches[…]

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The Gas Station

A creepy short film trailer that is inspired by a true story. A life-changing encounter on a deserted road leads to a desperate confession in a gas station. learn more about The Gas Station

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Here’s a fantastic fictional trailer that I’ve been meaning to post for a long by time by Sebastian Lopez, director of previously featured short films on Film Shortage ‘The Killing Joke‘ (FS Top 10 2012) and ‘Escape‘. Portraying a fake movie, Sebastian created this thrilling video in just 20 hours[…]

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