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Euphonia, the first feature film by ornana, maps the effects of what we hear on what we feel, following a romance while taking a close look at the risks of turning to technology to replace the unpleasant with the desired. It captures a suburban portrait of realizing how important it[…]

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Living alone now, William (Charlie Hughes) is spending his first Halloween without his wife. His home carer, Caroline (Megan Armitage) checks to make sure he is alright before finishing her shift for the evening. William never opens the door unless he certainly has to, so the trick or treater’s know[…]

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‘Stardust Like You And I’ is inspired by 1950’s and 1980’s teen centered sci-fi movies. It takes place in 1959 and is about a young couple on a date at look-out point, the terrible consequences of long range radio proliferation… and an alien invasion. Starring Picnicface’s Cheryl Hann. Watch the[…]

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