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Pale Naked Romance // Daily Short Picks

PALE NAKED ROMANCE is an affectionate and vulnerable piece that explores romance and all of it’s confusions. Director’s Statement Romance occupies almost my entire consciousness. For me, it’s my sole interest, my primary source of inspiration, and the driver of all creative endeavours. The thought of how partners and lovers[…]

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Submergence // Daily Short Picks

A bereaving mother relives an agonizing memory of her son through a fishbowl. Director’s Statement “Submergence” is an experimental narrative where I attempted to take the viewer back and forth from the real to surreal by juxtaposing and manipulating elements of sight and sound to evoke an emotion. Furthermore, my[…]

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Stop:Watch // Daily Short Picks

In a dystopian near future, Catherine, a dissident scientist imprisoned in the notorious Marozia Institute, is given a bowl of food before being led to an interrogation room where she finds herself part of a sick game, invented by the prison Governor, that utilises the very machine for which she[…]

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Alpha Fish // Daily Short Picks

Rodrigo the talking goldfish is at odds with his owner, Conner. He’s sick of performing tricks for Conner’s dates, and would rather be getting cozy with a lady of his own. Then one fateful night, Conner brings home Bianca, a beautiful marine biologist. Once Bianca meets Rodrigo, sparks fly —[…]

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Baraa // Daily Short Picks

When the long-awaited dream dies, the reality begins to circle around us and encage us in the claustrophobic space of our fears and distorting anxiety. Director’s Statement “Baraa” is my first year film, produced at Royal College of Art, where I am currently doing my Master’s Degree in Animation in[…]

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Swim // Daily Short Picks

A young, naive swimming prodigy tries out for the nation’s top swim team, where he is pushed towards greatness by a militant swim coach. Director’s Statement Swim started off in a room with our writer, Matt, and I trying to explore a world that people would be familiar with, but[…]

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Common Ground // Daily Short Picks

An imagined place depicting surreal epic scenery of once flooded terrain. It is a cycle of occurrences stemmed from an inner-logic of creation and destruction, reborn and then vanishing again. Director’s Statement Inspired by a tale of the ‘Sambation’ river, that was flowing for six days and on the seventh[…]

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Indochine - Station 13 // Daily Short Pick

From the transatlantic slave trade in the 16th century to the conquest and subjugation of indigenous people in the 19th century to current race riots in major urban cities, the ideological pattern of intolerance, bigotry and prejudice has been omnipresent throughout history. This film depicts the representation of what initially[…]

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