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Latest rumours about the new Star Wars planet Canto Bight

Few movie franchises have such a well-developed imagination as Star Wars. Over the course of six films, we’ve have ice worlds, desert planets, cloud cities and Death Stars.

But it seems as though there is room for a little fun in the Star Wars universe as Canto Bight is set to become the first casino planet in the sci-fi franchise.
John Boyega

Just last week an exclusive picture was released for the upcoming The Last Jedi movie. And it shows Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose and John Boyega’s Finn in a dramatically confrontational stance in front of some gaming tables at the casino.

It’s not immediately clear what games the inhabitants of Canto Bight are playing from this photograph. But regardless of whether it is a card game like blackjack, or even the holographic chess game, Dejarik, from the original Star Wars movie, it’s certain to give the characters much more to think about than simply overthrowing the Empire.

The picture also shows some wonderfully weird alien lifeforms relaxing at the casino planet. Whilst it isn’t immediately obvious what the large worm-esque character is next to Rose, the little creature in the alien’s hand seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Salacious Crumb from the Return of the Jedi movie!

So what are Rose and Finn doing on a casino planet? Whilst it’s tempting to think that they would be putting some of the tips from Lucky Nugget Casino for becoming a better blackjack player to good use, it’s unlikely that these heroic characters would find time to relax with some card games.

What we do know about Canto Bight suggests that it is a planet for the obscenely rich. Whilst previous instalments of the franchise have tended to deal with the polarities of good versus evil, this casino planet is expanding the universe to include some themes of luxury and enjoyment that have been previous excluded from the franchise.

So will we see the inevitable corruption of Finn back to the Dark Side? Or will this merely be a side show to the introduction of Benicio Del Toro’s devious new character?

Thankfully we will find out when The Last Jedi is released on 15 December. And even if you can’t wait until then, there are plenty of online blackjack games out there and even a Canto Bight novel to keep you going!

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