We’ll Be Happy Over There

The mark of a violent act lingers at a lakeside cabin where, years later, a new couple has taken residence.

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Engrenage | Featured Short Film


Dans cette course à la survie, saurez-vous discerner le réel de l’imaginaire ? Engrenage est une expérience émotive et visuelle créée par des étudiants de l’école Art FX en Montpellier, France. Intense, imaginaire et explosif, le film nous amène à travers 4 scénarios critiques où la vie du héro est[…]

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Part love story, part psychological thriller, Cadence is about a farm girl and her pop-star boyfriend, Taylor Lake, whose idyllic weekend on her parent’s farm is interrupted by Taylor’s best friends–and the strange events surrounding their arrival. Believe it or not this 20 minute short is just a teaser to[…]

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Murder On Snapchat

A cautionary tale for all those who use social media in their daily lives…. In a world where everything is recorded, stored and digitally captured forever it’s hard to keep things private. Enter Snapchat, where everything that is meant to be lost is lost. But what happens when our lives[…]

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11 Minutes | Featured Short Film

11 Minutes

A shooter goes on a rampage, but is it all real or just in his head? Tom Botchii created this film with a rather unique challenge in mind: How does one tackle a controversial issue while simultaneously closing a chapter on their own life? This film is an example of[…]

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Write of Passage

A writer, suffering from writer’s block, must face his greatest nemesis – his own typewriter.

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Black And White | Featured Short Film

Black And White

Surviving a surprise sex party with your soul intact is tough. Welcome to the Black and White midnight party. You find yourself at a sex party. This is not a fun surprise. What is this place? Why can’t you just go home? After his insightful and social nightmare short film[…]

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A terrified woman flees through the woods, trying to evade three monstrous pursuers… but maybe the game is about to change. Inspired by 1950s EC Comics and 1970s Canadian Hinterland public service announcements. Watch their new short Torturous, featured on Film Shortage.

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The Only Choice

A woman makes a choice that will finally change her life for ever.

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