Modern Numbers

Straddling the line between dreams and reality, Modern Numbers boldly confronts the role of rebellion in an age overrun with medicine and mechanization. Albert wrestles with the decision to commit a calculated act of defiance. But is defiance futile? One day. One pill. Join us.

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A Fistful of Feathers

“A Fistful of Feathers” follows a young boy’s daydream through the landscape of a spaghetti western: Chase is an 8-year-old obsessed with cowboy films. After his parents kick him out for watching too much TV, he must confront two ravens that cross the line. The film utilizes practical effects, stop-motion[…]

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The Bubble

An elderly couple wander an art museum as the husband tries to jog the fading memory and mind of his dear wife. Something magical and spectacularly cosmic unfolds.

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Mirage Maker

A magical being eases the death of those lost in the desert. The Mirage Maker gives a dying man one last chance to say goodbye to his family.

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Peter & The Paper Wolves

With winter on his heels and the sound of a passing carnival on the wind, Peter disregards his grandfather’s warnings and runs away from home. A chance encounter with a pair of carnies in the woods could be his ticket to keeping his head in the clouds… if he can[…]

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Lead Paint

Daniel’s wife becomes a man-eating fertility Goddess while she’s asleep.

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Top Hat

Graham, the nervy Saturday Boy at a late night dry cleaners, is greeted by a deeply mysterious customer who manages to surprise him and turn his terrible first day around for the better.

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Streets of Rage | Featured Short Film

Streets of Rage

A young kid dreams of becoming a boxer. But some dreams are very hard to get. We’ve all loved comic books when we were kids and we’ve seen them all turn into big successful motion pictures one by one (some more than others). But turning these characters into real people[…]

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Soy Fuego | Featured Short Film

Soy Fuego

Let the fire transform your senses. Soledad falls into a big depression caused by the constant abuse she is victim of, in her daily routine. In there she finds a series of dreams in which she slowly transforms in to fire. She will try her best to escape from both[…]

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The Tale of The Wall Habitants | Featured Short Film

The Tale of the Wall Habitants

The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate. We’ve heard all the ancient tales and legends in one form or another over the course of time, but Andrej Boka brings us a new story that surely you have never heard before. Boka’s premise of a conflict between doors[…]

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