The Birthday

Two taiwanese girls, Ron and May, are living in Berlin. As Ron’s birthday approaches, the different love that they feel for each other places them in front of a meaningful change. facebook.com/thebirthdayshortfilm creative-city-berlin.de/en/person/DanielaL daniela-lucato.de/?page=the-birthday-short-film

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The Straight and Narrow | Featured Short Film

The Straight And Narrow

Emily struggles with important life choice’s concerning money, hope, trust and fear. ‘Straight and Narrow’ is a one part love story, one part spy thriller that is wonderfully brought together through its emotional aspects. The two completely different takes on the film create a unique sensation that flows between a[…]

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The Shepherd

Ivan Danilov is a district police officer and a “small fry” in the police system. He’s honest, hardworking and law abiding. But everyone around him – from crooks to light-fingered cops – are living better than him. It seems they are a law unto themselves. One day Ivan decides to[…]

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Blue is about Jed, who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his dog Blue. The film follows their relationship as it goes through changes and they learn how to live and let go. derekdonovan.net

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No Honor | Daily Short Picks

No Honor

While investigating the death of his dad, Jr. is unknowingly ambushed by the would be killers as they search for a mysterious list of names. With the trauma of loss weighing heavily, Jr. dives head first into a conflict that will explore the notion of “the sins of the father[…]

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Happy New Year

Michael wants to be Jewish. He is ten years old and feels like an outsider. This is magnified when an important spelling test clashes with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and he’s not allowed it off. Michael attempts to use the holiday to find a way out of the test,[…]

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The Terrorist

The Terrorist is about FBI agent Nimry, a Muslim, who is tasked with interrogating a radicalized Muslim terrorist who plans to detonate a bomb within hours in the city.

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Father & Son – Trailer

William and Jake, a father and son exorcist team make their way through a desolate city in order to free a young girl from demonic possession. As the night unfolds, Jake grows increasingly frustrated with his father’s methods and confronts him, breaking their special bond and threatening the ‘business.’ See[…]

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A Young man finds himself homeless on the street. Searching for answers. suki.co.il facebook.com/naorsuki facebook.com/designbysuki vimeo.com/isuki

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Severus and Stone

Severus and Stone is a short film adaptation of the story told in alt-folk artist Radical Face’s song of the same title. Created by 16 year old director / cinematographer / editor Alden Blake, the film tells the poignant tale of love, loss, and of two brothers who discover that[…]

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