Last Words | Featured Short Film

Ultimas Palabras / Last Words

A man writes what seem to be his last words, but what only he and nobody else knows is that the destiny and its final are already written

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D'amour, d'images | Films de chez nous

D’amour, d’images

Histoire de deuil, d’amour et d’images dans laquelle le jeune Léo hérite d’une caméra Super 8.

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New Era

A perfect Sunday film that will encourage you to explore life. New Era is about a young girl who fears if she doesn’t leave her comfort zone and experience life, she will regret it forever. newerashortfilm.com facebook.com/NewEraShortFilm twitter.com/newerashortfilm

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Chloé | Films de chez nous


Un aîné dans un hôpital fait la rencontre de Chloé une petite fillette rêveuse, atteinte de leucémie. Leur rencontre bouleverse sa façon de voir la vie.

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Abbiamo tutta la notte

We Have All Night Continuing on the foreign films for this weekend, we present another Italian film. This time with a little creeping short about awakening people, dead people. Wonderfully put together and winner of the Rome 48 Hours Film Project 2012

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An Italian private get shot in a leg on the frontline during the Second World War. Then the private is rescued by a Corporal who treats the injury and gives him a psychological help. Shot with a Canon 7D. lackofart.com facebook.com/lackofart

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Jet is an unfortunate man whose best-laid plans are foiled by a little girl. Caught up in the middle of a disturbing crime, will he be able to save the little girl’s life, and his own, or will his decisions destroy them both? Its unusual that we get the chance[…]

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The Second Circle | Featured Short Film

The Second Circle

A man is cursed by his inner beast and finds himself struggling with his addiction to lust and his desire for love.

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

Without You

Newly engaged Marie and John have everything. True love, good jobs, everything seems to be going perfect. On the day of their anniversary, John heads out to surprise Marie with the favorite coffee from her favorite coffee shop. On his way back a horrible tragedy falls upon him, and Marie[…]

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